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Joel Levine Co.
610 S. Chattanooga Street
Lafayette, GA 30728


Phone: 404-219-0594
Toll Free: 800-456-6267

Re-manufacture and sales for British, European, American and Japanese gauges.



We repair American, European, Japanese & British motorcycle speedometers. Vintage speedometers, speedometers for old bikes, and Smith speedometers. Vintage tachometers are repaired, as well as British motorcycle tachometers. European tachometers, tachometers for old bikes, and Smith tachometers. We refurbish motorcycle gauges and Smith gauges. We can restore English cycle gauges, antique motorcycle gauges, Smith motorcycle gauges, Chrnometric gauges, Chrnometric speedos, Chrnometric tachs, motometer, Smith gauges, BSA gauges, Triumph gauges, and Norton gauges. Triumph clocks, Norton clocks, BSA clocks, and Velcotte clocks. We sell instruments for BSA, instruments for Triumph, instruments for Norton, instruments for antique cycles, and vintage cycle instruments. Check our stock of gauges, you might recognize the following manufacturers Smiths, BSA, Norton, Veglia, VDO, Triumph, and many more. We also carry Velosolex Bikes and Parts.